The North Halifax Community Academy will:

  1. Develop a curriculum centred around young people, which is broad, balanced and appropriately differentiated
  2. Expect high academic standards which will exceed all Government floor standards
  3. Develop all students’ understanding of issues around race, gender, ability and disability
  4. Develop healthy self-image and self-esteem
  5. Develop young people as independent learners
  6. Develop respectful attitudes towards each other with an emphasis on British Values such as tolerance and respect for the rule of law
  7. Develop spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding
  8. Develop community spirit between students, parent, academys, staff and the wider community
  9. Develop seamless transition from primary to secondary education
  10. Provide excellent careers advice, including experiences for young people to access vocational opportunities and placements
  11. Ensure that all staff and students feel happy to come to school
  12. Develop a wide range of extra-curricular activities